Well… what is so scary about writing a blog post?

It’s a fat loss blog so, for me, there’s a number of things that have stopped me from writing:

  • Reason 1: People might think my blog & the post is stupid
  • Reason 2: It’s embarrassing to be overweight, unhealthy and unfit
  • Reason 3: Somebody might make a meme out of my “fat pictures” and cause me to look like a fool – and more importantly;
  • Reason 4: My kids might get teased at school because of pictures of their Fat Dad or something I might say

That’s all I can think of at this time of night….

What are the answers?

  • Reason 1: I don’t care, nobody has to read it except me
  • Reason 2: Sure it’s embarrassing, but here I am, doing something about it, putting myself “out there” to be held accountable
  • Reason 3: Good luck, I’ve been through a number of things in this life and I refuse to be embarrassed, worse things than embarrassment can happen
  • Reason 4: Not so easy when it affects someone else, but the kids seem cool with it. In fact, I’d say they’re proud that I’ve decided to lose fat, get fit and be healthy.